Our team

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Petia Gieva


Psychologist, founder of KoopAcademy, where she co-manages a place for communication and personal growth and development for children and parents. She plays with a bunch of kids at The Flying Classroom, a cooperative child-care center, where she shares inspiration on nature play, art and storytelling for children. Fond of the alternative education, together with Maria Yaitsarova, she leads many courses and qualifications for teachers on Reggio Emilia, Nature Pedagogic, Play Therapy and Hands-on Experience in play-based education. She works on a holistic methodology for working with children, based on the relation with nature, storytelling and natural art.

Maria Yaitsarova


Educator, founder of KoopAcademy. For the last almost 12 years she is actively engaged in innovative educational matters. Maria has a huge experience as a preschool english teacher, arts and crafts idea generator and the one who knows where are all the things in our child-care center. She plays and dances with a group of kids in The Flying Classroom. For her children and nature are a deep source of inspiration. Moreover, she puts effort and enthusiasm in taking care for animals. 


Stela Nedyalkova


Co-Founder of Play and Nature, educator, current teacher at the KoopAcademy, teacher of mental arithmetic, coordinator at the "Flying Classroom" Cooperative Center.