Play and Nature

"The game is the highest form of exploration"

Albert Einstein


"Because free play is very important!" Play and Nature

Who are we

We are a team of educators, innovators and educational professionals. We have many years of experience in working with children and we always strive to develop and inform ourselves in order to be of maximum benefit to both children and their parents.

Play ana Nature is a project inspired, first and foremost, by children and created as part of the expanding activity of the Cooperative Academy. Inspired and tailored to their need for free play that stimulates the development of their social skills, emotional development, logical thinking, creativity and imagination, language skills and knowledge of the world around them.

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Our mission

There is less and less talk of outdoor play nowadays. At the forefront are academic knowledge as well as children's knowledge of technology. We live in a world where the digital takes precedence over the sensory. Every day, children spend hours in front of computers and at the touch of a button they can get the information they need. But is the ready information always appropriate and does it provide the necessary information for the development of the children? A Cambridge University study shows the extent to which children are aware of their environment. Kids as young as 8 are shown images of various animals and plants and other Pokémon animals (in 1995, Pokemon started out as a video game and later expanded throughout the industry - movies, toys, cards, and more). 53% / 100% of children manage to name the animals and plants shown to them, but more than 78% / 100% manage to name all Pokémon cards by name. Scary statistics right.

After studies and observations, and after consulting the opinions and experiences of parents, we came to the conclusion that infants should spend more time in nature because the farther they are from it, the greater the chance for children to missed important milestones of its development is increasing.


Stela Nedyalkova


Co-Founder of Play and Nature, educator, current teacher at the KoopAcademy, teacher of mental arithmetic, coordinator at the "Flying Classroom" Cooperative Center.

Petia Gieva


Psychologist, founder of KoopAcademy, where she co-manages a place for communication and personal growth and development for children and parents. She plays with a bunch of kids at The Flying Classroom, a cooperative child-care center, where she shares inspiration on nature play, art and storytelling for children. Fond of the alternative education, together with Maria Yaitsarova, she leads many courses and qualifications for teachers on Reggio Emilia, Nature Pedagogic, Play Therapy and Hands-on Experience in play-based education. She works on a holistic methodology for working with children, based on the relation with nature, storytelling and natural art.

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